Monday, April 1, 2019

Project 04 Proposal

Statement: I will be researching the Camellia Garden of UWF.

Thesis: The Camellia Garden is a mainstay attraction of UWF as well as an area of beauty and history in celebration of the university.

Introduction: Since its establishment in 2007, the garden was a joint-project by Camellia Garden of UWF and the American Camellia Society as well as the UWF Retired Employee Association. The Camellia Garden has attracted countless visitors both from UWF and elsewhere to this beautiful piece of university history, which was dedicated in commemoration of the university’s fiftieth anniversary.

Locations: The Camellia Garden, UWF

  1. F. Norman Vickers, Pensacola’s Big Day for Camellias

Sample List:
  • Soil sample
  • Flower sample (Color, size, etc.)
  • Age of bushes
  • Flower meaning

Project Proposal:
  • Plan A: A 3D-printed model of a camellia
  • Plan B: A poster (8.5” by 11”) where the subject will be a camellia made entirely out of text

  • Plan A: 3D Camellia model
    • Appearance: 3D model
    • Color: Pink
    • Material: Plastic
    • Height: 7” by 4”
    • Program(s): Tinkercad, Meshmixer
  • Plan B: Poster
    • Appearance: Poster
    • Color: Pink, Green, White Background (May be adjusted later)
    • Material: Gloss Paper
    • Height: 8.5” by 11”
    • Programs(s): Photoshop or Illustrator

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7,7 PowerPoint

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Library Seminar (plus Q/Ss)

The Library Seminar provided information regarding how to look up research on topics regarding the project, whether it be consulting one of the librarians on for certain subjects, or looking through the databases for information. For this particular project, visiting the Archives in the basement as well as consulting the librarian for the art department would be the best approaches to achieve the end goal and try to finish this project in a timely manner. I would have to look around the area where the Fine Arts building is located and scope out the landscape of the place to find out the history behind it using historic photos and the "look near, see far" method.

Questions/ Statements:
1) How has the art department made an impact on the campus at large?
2) Describe how the department property has grown over the years.
3) The art department has produced priceless pieces of work, whether they be theatre or artwork.

Edge Effects

The article "Six Quick Lessons in How to Read a Landscape" by Daniel Grant, Spring Greeney and Ben Kasten provides an interesting look into the study of landscape and how to look past the stereotypical and mundane in our everyday lives. For example, Grant employs the "look near, see far" tactic into studying the landscape of a street and wants the students, and by extension the reader, to look past the ordinary and take a critical look into an area to figure out and discover what makes the area unique or like most streets in the country. One can sometimes tell the history of the area that they are studying by looking at the history behind it and see how the place has changed over time, according to Greeney, who suggests "to collect historic birds’-eye view photographs" for this purpose. Reading into a landscape can help one grasp the depth and the context of the area by pointing out the landmarks and changes made over the years.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Net.Art Critique for Lucas

Critique Form Art2600C Asmuth
Artist Name:_____Lucas___________
Reviewer Name:_______Paige___________
Title: ______Money (Net.Art Project)___________
Project: _______Net.Art_________

A. List at least 3 strengths. Give specific information on the content, form, concept, etc.

1)The project stayed on theme, which appeared to be the topic of money, with specific examples like the money tree for instance. The images correlated with the theme and the narrative.
2)Speaking of the images, the images were nice to look at and appeared friendly. The use of cartoons was a good visual choice.
3)The design is simplistic, which can be a double-edged sword, In this case, the basic, almost raw nature doesn't overwhelm the viewer as much with the visuals.

B. List at least 3 Areas for Improvement. Again be specific. You could suggest alternate solutions as well.

1)The story in question is a little vague. I believe that the creator is trying to tell a narrative where they want to have money to complete the cycle of life? I would try to create some more pages as well to at least give some clarity as to the narrative.
2)The design is simplistic, almost too basic. I would try to add some pattern in the background and fix the sizing of the text on the pages as they are a little hard to find at times.
3)I would equip more sounds into the project, such a cash register sound effect or something to that nature since that last noise at the end kind of scared me for a few seconds and is the only instance of sound in the entire project.

C. What insights do you have about this work? What is the content (message, story) of the work? What other works of art does it relate to? Support your observations by referencing specific features of the work including image, materials, formal elements (line, shade, color, composition), concept, technologies used, etc. Did work follow the prompt?
The content of the work seemed to imply that money is a large priority, given that it is the central focus of the narrative. The narrative talks of getting a job to earn money and thus continue the "cycle" of life like everyone else in the world. For example, the artist mentions that they want to get "her job" and that by working, the key to success is green, because "green means wealth". The image of the family sitting down at the table implies familial demands and wants the artist to be a functional member of society and acquire wealth to make a living. In terms of style, there is a mix of minimalism and DaDa art, specifically with how the solid, background colors combined with the montage-effect of the images create a simple work of art. To an extent, the work did follow the prompt, but, as previously mentioned, some more work should be done by adding a few more pages and stylize the pages more by fixing the text and adding more audio.